How to unlock secret skins skins are a fun way to customize your gameplay, and give your snake a personal makeover. The easiest way to unlock new skins is to share the game on your social media page.

To share the game, click on the bottom right corner of your landing page. You’ll find a Twitter and Facebook icon, and you’re given a choice of platform to use. Choose the one you feel most comfortable sharing with. Continue reading How to unlock secret skins vs

As both and have increased in popularity, a rivalry between players has surfaced. To date, no one is entirely sure which game is superior, although there are definite benefits and drawbacks to both. Below, we’ve outlined a select few advantages surrounding each game, but the ultimate decision is yours to make. Continue reading vs

Similar games like is one of the most addictive games on the internet, but if you’re looking for a change, then there are plenty of similar games for you to choose from. Ranging from slither’s top competitor to PS2 favorite ‘Tap My Katamari’; you have limitless options when it comes to alternatives.

Most of these are available on Android and IOS, while almost all of them are available on desktop and laptop computers. We haven’t included the classic game ‘Snake’, although for those with a Nokia brick phone, this is always a viable alternative.

Eliss Infinity


This game moves away from the premise of agar and slither, by putting you in charge of your very own universe. You’re basically playing God in this game, and you’re responsible for ensuring that your planets don’t collide- much how you’re responsible for avoiding hitting other snakes in slither. Continue reading Similar games like

An interview with the creator of

Steven House, the creator of, recently sat down with gaming website PocketGamer to discuss Slither’s future- as well as provide readers with a little backstory to the highly addictive game.


How Slither came about

The article delves a little into House’s history, as the creator explains how and why he designed slither. He said the idea came to him years ago, when the only available gaming platform was flash. He held off on creating until HTML5 was ready to use, and at that point, the most difficult design aspect was creating a multiplayer universe that could sustain hundreds of players. Continue reading An interview with the creator of

Tips and tricks for new players

While is renowned for its simplicity, there are definitely a few tips and tricks that you can learn, that will allow you to become a more skilled and successful player. Most of these tricks involve moving your snake in specific directions, interacting in competitive ways and outsmarting other snakes. These tips are easy to remember, and will allow you to thrive in this addictive game.

Don’t play it safe

Many new players are tempted to ‘play it safe’ and simply rely on the colored dots to increase their length. This can be a time consuming, and ultimately pointless approach to take- because other snakes will ultimately outsmart you. The key is to directly target other snakes, and use them as your main source of dots. Feel free to pick up floating dots as you play play, but remember to attack other snakes whenever possible. Continue reading Tips and tricks for new players

Red, white and green


This flag could be used by Italian nationals, as well as Hungarians, Persians and Iranians. Oh, and Tajikistan could also use this skin to represent their national colors.

Antenna 2


This is the second skin with an antenna, and adorable paste colors to match. It’s the perfect skin for spring, and the antenna gives it a nice sense of adventure.